Republic of Ielit

The official name of the city-state of Ielit after the Academic Uprising. The Ielit Academy set up a contract of state with the Trading Houses establishing the Governing Council.


0 – Founded in the Year Zero of its own reckoning, the year 253 of the Church, or the year 5711 of the Empire of Iartiga as a result of the Academic Uprising.

2 – Laid siege to by the League in the Year.

8 – Conquest of the Island of Suulit by House Vanduriastir.

21 – Concordate between House Vanduriastir and the Ielit Academy – the Academy gets to exploit the Ember deposits on Suulit, Vanduriastir gets a seat in the Academic Senate and the right to send 3 students every year.

24 – Inception of the Vaduriastir Foundation – each year, the Foundation holds a competition for youths from the Lower City for their three Academy endorsements

38 – Simjan becomes House Mage of Vanduriastir, starting longevity treatments for Ennak Vanduriastir

50 – Coup by Vanduriastir Ennak

Republic of Ielit

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