According to the teachings of Genna, the “construction of and interaction with, through and between entities”. All magic is based on ember.


Enhance attribute Increases an attribute by 1. Size is 1/3/5/8/11/14/19… Takes effect at a rate of +1/week active. Must be recast when dispelled.

Conjoin The basic spell. Opens a link between two souls, allowing communication. Size 1.

Node Forwards all messages to all who are conjoined with the caster.

Mutual awareness Allows a caster to send and receive condensed sensory data. All participants in a conjoining receive a bonus to perception, and initiative as well when enganged in combat as a group: number of participants -1 = 1/+1, 3/+2, 5/+3, 8/+4…

Share senses Continuously pulls a caster’s sensory information and sends it through a conjoining.

Detect soul

Detect communication

Sever Attack/defense; severs a victim’s conjoining. If cast successfully against a node, the entire network drops.

Basilisk Attack/defense; victim must reveal #


Iartiga intricate