With about 530,000 citizens, Ielit is one of the largest cities in the known world. It is situated on the headland that forms one of the sides of Ielit Bay, which extends from mouth of the river Rask.

Ielit is also known as the City under Siege, since it has been cut off effectively from the inland by the League for 37 years. For supplies, it relies on its fishermen, sea farmers, and trade with the Empire of Iartiga.

Its districts are called Harbor, Market, South of Market, The Hill, Rendish, and Citadel.

It is ruled by a Governing Council consisting of 3 mages, a representative each of the 8 great Trading Houses, the speakers of the guilds of shipwrights, fishermen, masons, sea farmers, the Admiral Elect of the Navy, and the Captain of the Guard.


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